Tomato love

Updated: Jan 19

My gardening venture truly began with the idea of growing enough tomatoes to support my love of marinara sauce. Tomatoes may be my most favorite food to date. I can eat the big ones like an apple or I can eat these little guys like candy. With so many recipes online these days, it easy to figure out different ways to use them. I have yet to make sauce, but will post as soon as I do, granted I have enough tomatoes. Until then, enjoy lots of pics of cute little tomatoes.

1/19/2022 Alas!

I have since made two jars of roasted veggie and roasted tomato sauce! They have been used for a veggie baked ziti and last night's eggplant parmesan. Both recipes posted!

There's just something about baked ziti! Yum!

I feel super lucky to live out in Hawaii. Gardening can be super challenging in Kihei, the dry side of Maui, but with lots of research, I feel like I kind of have a handle on things.

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