Happy Monday All!

Just thought I should post an update on the happenings around here. super exciting news….I harvested my first head of broccoli! It has been quite a journey from seed to harvest, but with perseverance, I finally achieved the result I was looking for.

Here‘s the thing, I have been trying to grow veggies, flowers and things for years. What’s different this time? My dedication. I finally made the time to do my homework and research out how to grow something from seed. Heck, some will not do well at all, grow from seed. Certain plants do not grow well with others, some only grow in specific grow zones and some require a lot more love than others. When I started this journey, I just wanted results, quick results. What I didn’t realize was how much I’d learn about patience and accepting that I can’t control everything. Super humbling to say the least. Here’s a snippet of my broccoli timeline, from seed to harvest.

I also began pulling some big carrots! 🥕 🪴🥕

Also happening on the garden side of things…I’ve planted a bunch of seeds. Everything from veggies to flowers to herbs. Time and patience, we hope, will serve us well. Stay tuned on the progress.

I’ve added some cool shots of my succulents. These guys grow so well on the arid side of the island. Just beautiful and the water droplets are precious.

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