The Gardening Journey begins:

Updated: Jan 20

I started gardening in the fall of 2021. After working long shifts overnight at the hospital I was spent, like my spirit had been depleted over the course of the pandemic. I started following some gardeners on IG and wondered, what the heck, let me have a go at it. I live on the drier side of the island of Maui and gardening can be quite challenging here. I bought a bunch of seeds from a local purveyor and built a couple of garden beds from a kit that I had purchased off of Amazon. I also purchased a Supbod composter, in an attempt to produce lush soil needed for healthy plants. My kits had arrived and the hard work was about to begin. First, I decided to attempt to put these garden beds together with a screwdriver, YES, a screwdriver. The first bed was successful, but I broke down and asked my hubby to please put the second one together. So, the beds were constructed, next was clearing two proper plots for them....

The first bed constructed with a screw driver!

I was so proud :)

Creating a space for the two beds was super challenging. The grass that you see in the previous picture, is actually a bunch of weeds, layered on top of old weed mats, placed by our home's previous owner. Oy! That was some tough work! After a good sunburn and lots of sweat and a few tears, I had finally cleared two plots for my girls. Next up was to fill them with a mixture of compost and garden soil. I also added some coconut coir, just because I had ordered extra from Amazon.

This would have been a grand time to post some pics of this part of the journey, but for some reason, I failed to take any. So here are some pics of seedlings I had started and transplanted into the beds.

Baby Nasturtium

Baby Potatoes, Baby tomatoes and Baby Broccoli

Fast forward a few months later........the jungle begins to emerge....

It's been quite a journey 1/5/2022

With patience and time, my garden beds have begun to flourish. Exciting times around these parts. So much has happened, and I'm excited to share the journey thus far!


On to the Composting Journey......

My amazing husband built a little home for our Subpod

my composting journey had begun

Composting has always been an aspiration of mine. I started researching worms, containers, all the things needed to create amazing compost. My first experience with compost was down in the Galapagos Islands circa July 2004. A good friend and I decided to lend or hands to a volunteer program on the island of San CristobaI. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. We lived off of the land, with the help of provided protein from our neighbors. The reserve was alongside an organic garden with a greenhouse. So many vegetables! We also had a compost pile, super long and wide, which had to be turned with a shovel daily. I wasn't too keen on a compost pile here on Maui, in an effort to deter any sketchy creatures that might want to hang around. After lots of time scrolling IG, I found this awesome composter from the Subpod company. I ordered one and my husband was able to create this trellis for it. The subpod is awesome because it has vents throughout which allows happy worms to travel in between the bin and the soil. The worms create a rich and lovely environment, leading to super healthy and happy plants.


A few first for the garden!

First cucumber!

My first carrots ever!

First green pepper!

1st Cherry Tomatoes!

My seedlings began to sprout!

Broccoli October 2021

Broccoli 1/4/2022.....still so weird writing 2022

So I'm still waiting for my broccoli heads to appear, but the stems are getting thick and strong. Fingers crossed they actually produce. Stay tuned......

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