A Little About Me


My name is Lori and I live on a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, better known as Maui. My husband and I moved here 17-years ago from the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Since moving to Maui our lives have become rich and full. We are currently raising our spunky and beautiful teenage girl and try and soak up the most out of this beautiful island life.

After having our daughter, I enrolled in nursing school here on the island of Maui. Since then, I have worked as an ICU RN at our local hospital. These covid years have been quite trying and have pushed me to pursue my passions. I am in love with food. Raised by an Italian mother and Greek father, originating from Long Island, NY, my love of food knows no boundless. I remember watching my mother cooking dinner every night, believing I would one day become a chef. Well, the cards held a different plan. After graduating from college in Boulder, CO(Go Buffs!), I ran off to the Summit County mountains and became a ski bum, working back of the house of an amazing Italian Restaurant. I spent the next 4-years acquiring an insane amount of knowledge, including back vs front of the house strategies, prep line, hot lines, and so forth. I came to the conclusion that I may not be cut out for restaurant work. I felt a little lost, unsure what I was really meant to do with my life. Alas! I met a boy! His name was David and I fell hard! He was moving to Maui and eventually asked me to join. Being that the 9-month winters had grown on me, I said, "what the heck?" So David and I would embark on the journey of a lifetime, no doubt.

These past years of the pandemic have been some of the darkest days of my life. Work was difficult, I needed an outlet. Thus, the gardening journey had begun. I started planting seeds and following gardeners and gardening groups on social media. I fell in love! I still work nightshift at the hospital, and coming home to my beautiful, sun-soaked garden after a long shift is my kind of medicine. Gardening is an adventure and I've learned buckets so far, so much more to go. 

I created this site as a conglomeration(love that word) of the things I love. Food, gardening and photography. I hope enjoy and can find some inspiration here.

With love,